Guido Wallagh

advisor - partner

Guido is an energetic whirlwind who is able to bridge differences like no other. He scrutinizes people and their wishes and interests with the aim of providing stakeholders and (re)developments with new energy and focus. Guido is broadly oriented: spatially, cultural-historically and socioeconomically. He’s devoted to working on today’s major challenges.

Guido is active in the fields of urban renewal, spatial planning, wind farm development, participation and area communication. He is in great demand as an independent chair, discussion leader, debate and workshop organizer and mediator. As a (guest) lecturer, he passes on his passion for the profession to the next generation.


INBO since

Core team of the City of Amsterdam’s think-tank Stad-Forum

Associate Professor of Urban Planning, Utrecht University

Fellow of Area Development, Amsterdam School of Real Estate

Director of DE LIJN Agency for Spatial Development and Public Housing

Member and Chair of the programming committee of the Architecture Centre Amsterdam

Member of the Council Committee for Urban Development, City of Amsterdam

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