Hefkwartier keeps young families in Rotterdam

On the south bank of Rotterdam’s New Meuse River, on the site of the former Oranjeboom brewery, a new urban district is being created: the Hefkwartier. It’s an attractive area for young families who want to stay in the city. INBO designed the urban plan and the 300 new dwellings.

The waterfront area is robust, with three large apartment blocks, and intimate on the inner side, with single-family dwellings with gardens. The urban design and the architecture are very coherent and offer a variety of residential atmospheres, prices and densities.

‘In the Hefkwartier there’s room for people to meet, even if they live outside the district.’

Helen Zhang

The robust architecture matches the scale of the environment. The most striking features are the lively residential bases. ‘We gave the ground-level houses “Delftse Stoepen”. They form buffer zones with distinct types of paving between the houses and the street. Residents can place their own benches and plants in front of their houses. In the summer, everyone also sits outside. We designed a child-friendly inner area with low-traffic residential streets and a playground in the centre. The social concept provides space for people to meet, even if they live outside the district,’ says Helen Zhang, architect at INBO.

The look is modern, with details that refer to the pre-war city, such as distinct types of brickwork and concrete keystones above the front doors. The steel tableaux in the façades refer to the Hefbrug and give the area its own post-industrial identity.
  1. Low-traffic street
  2. Playground
  3. Nassaukade

Bij de entree van landgoed Coudewater staan drie flinke torens in het groen.

De beperkte footprint van de gebouwen geeft het landschap ruimte om vrij tussen de bebouwing door te vloeien. Alle woningen hebben veel uitzicht op het groen, met name door de overhoekse erkers.


AM, Dura Vermeer

Peter Verkade Landschapsarchitect, Wolf Dikken adviseurs

Chief architect, urban development plan

Helen Zhang, Jeroen Simons, Roy Wallet, Saxon-Lear Duckworth, Ben van der Wal, Jeroen van Dam, Rita Alvarez-Tabio Togores, Senada Hanjalic, Edwin Schotsman, Guillaume van der Maas, Erik Berg




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