CLT handleiding

INBO presents its CLT manual for architects and structural engineers


INBO publishes the ‘Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Manual for Architects and Structural Engineers’, based on its own research into the possibilities offered by wood in stacked housing construction.

In the Dutch construction sector, there is a lot of interest in building with wood. However, there is a lack of knowledge on the subject, which is why timber construction is not yet widely used. INBO’s research team, consisting of Merel Vos, Gustaf Jackson, Bahar Yildiz and Joost van den Berg, focused on CLT, also known as mass timber construction.

‘We ourselves had many questions about the application of wood, especially in the field of stacked housing construction. There are still very few practical examples in the Netherlands: the first CLT residential buildings are now being completed. An in-depth study was therefore necessary. Because if we have a better understanding of how wood can be used, we can make a big step forward in the expansion of timber construction, especially in stacked housing,’ says Merel Vos, structural engineer at INBO and initiator of the wood construction research.

The publication is in Dutch.


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