Ganjiang Campus

Campus as brain hub

INBO designed the Wanchuang New Technology Campus for the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and new materials. It’s the ‘brain hub’ of a district development in Ganjiang, China.

Property developer Vanke commissioned us to develop a working environment comprising a mixed-use programme of 72,000 m2. This includes amenities, catering outlets and a science museum and conference centre. The next stage will include hotel and office space, retail, catering outlets and apartments.


‘The combination of a science museum, co-working space and conference centre is the driving force behind this brain hub.’

Mark Dekker
architect – partner

Reflection of technology

For this project, we used the i-CAM campus assessment tool. i-CAM stands for INBO Campus Assessment Model. We developed this model after designing the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. For the campus in Nanchang, we used the tool to structure vision development with the client in the start-up stage and to draft the programme of requirements. Using the i-CAM model, we made recommendations that formed the starting point for the design.

INBO’s aim is to create a look that reflects a contemporary working environment and the latest technologies. The façade on the outside is austere and formal, while the side on the central square is informal and stepped. The terraces provide space to get a bit of air or take a lunch break with a view of the square. This creates interaction between the people on the different floors.



The campus has an open atmosphere. The square at the intersection of the two main roads is the main entrance to the campus. It is used for events and is part of a series of three public squares.

These squares provide a connection between the campus and the district and neighbourhood levels. The square has been kept relatively compact. This encourages cross-pollination between different visitors, from academics to local residents. The various events that have taken place here previously have already put the project on the map in this new area development.

  1. Massing envelope
  2. Central exchange space
  3. Main entrance plazas
  4. Permeable open campus
  5. Massing optimization and skyline
  6. Dynamic interactive gateways
  7. Welcoming continuous public space
  1. Office
  2. Elevator lobby
  3. Terrance



Vanke Nanchang

Mark Dekker, Wenli Pan, Buwei Jin, Zhan Wang, Jihong Duan, Joan Rufián Pujol, Elmar van Cleynenbreugel




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