Living with grandma & grandpa

In Amsterdam-Zuidoost, INBO is designing a new district in accordance with the wishes of the people who will live there. Although this may seem the logical thing to do, the participation process involved is not to be taken for granted. INBO architects Wilco van Oosten and Maria Piels, together with their team, partners Bijlmer Believers 3.0 and Felixx and client AM, visited the district to talk to future residents.

Discussions with representatives taught Wilco’s team about people’s desire to live with their grandparents, for example. This requires a flexible dwelling that can easily adapt to changing family circumstances, while respecting everyone’s wishes. In such a dwelling, intergenerational cohabitation becomes easy and comfortable.
One of the reasons why the city of Amsterdam and the future residents selected AM and INBO as the winners of this tender was that they wanted to give the residents a say. The design of the two blocks of 135 apartments will be personalized. And the price of a considerable proportion of the apartments will be such that they fall into the category of ‘low- and medium-segment owner-occupied housing’.

Two-level waterfall garden

The design includes a large communal courtyard garden on two levels. The nature that is so characteristic of the area is drawn into the garden and is visible from the houses. The garden looks like a waterfall in bloom because it flows over several levels.


People arriving home by car or bicycle enter a garden rather than a dreary parking garage. There is also plenty of space for residents to socialize outdoors, in their self-designed outdoor space.




Bijlmer Believers 3.0, Felixx Landscape, Caubergh Huygen, Deel, Op Maat, BAM A&E

Wilco van Oosten, Maria Piels, Italo de Vroom


Vivid Vision


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