Lovely Rita
Amsterdam Sloterdijk

A mediated cultural square

In Amsterdam Sloterdijk, where offices, traffic and industry now dominate, the arrival of Lovely Rita will silence the environmental noise. A quiet residential area is being created in a new part of the city on the Naritaweg.

On behalf of Kondor Wessels Projecten and Flow Real Estate, INBO and Space Encounters jointly designed the urban plan and the urban block. Three buildings with 345 dwellings, commercial and office space and catering establishments will surround a so-called pocket park, a small park in a courtyard garden that will also be open to the public.


High Street

Soon, people will be living quietly in Lovely Rita, with a view of an enclosed park that creates an intimate village atmosphere. It is the open and lively character of the design that will achieve this. The ground-floor apartments have front doors that open onto the outdoor space with its catering establishments and shops. The floors above are staggered to create terraces. The greenery of the pocket park continues here. The open galleries with plants and shrubs give the impression of an elevated street. The second to fourth floors are two-storey maisonettes. The cars are hidden in the underground parking garage. This creates a strong contrast to the surrounding vertical towers.

INBO is coordinating and engineering the entire urban design and is designing Block B. The pocket park design is by landscape architect Donker Design, and contains nesting boxes and lots of trees and shrubs to create an environmentally friendly district. The north side of the block acts as a noise barrier, creating an enclave of tranquillity and greenery in the courtyard garden and adjacent dwellings. This new ensemble between Plesostraat and Naritaweg proves that high density and a pleasant living environment can go together.



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