Rik Bakker

architect - managing partner rik.bakker@inbo.com

Although Rik is an architect who doesn’t shun grand gestures, he always makes sure the human scale plays a part in his work. His beautiful sketches manage to communicate the spatiality of projects at a glance. This enables him to attract a large variety of clients. His sense of detail and materialization and his understanding of residents’ wishes allow him to always hit the nail on the head: whether he’s working on a residential tower at the Zuidas or on a social housing plan, Rik designs plans in which everyone wants to live.

Rik is a friendly densifier: his inner-city housing projects bring a new balance to the city. He considers the environment, does not harm the character of the city and provides space for encounters.


INBO since

Delft University of Technology, Architecture

Technische Universität Berlin


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