Wilco van Oosten

architect - partner wilco.vanoosten@inbo.com

Wilco is an architect who loves the city and culture. He’s keenly aware of the social impact of the built environment. Wilco likes to design together with users, which means listening is an important part of his job. His open and accessible way of communicating brings opportunities to life. He believes imagination is fundamental to finding good answers to the big questions of society, climate and biodiversity.

Wilco enjoys working on commissions that bring different interests together, whether they are public buildings or residential environments. He is always looking for opportunities for collectivity, yet has a keen eye for the need for specificity. He likes to submit creative and idiosyncratic proposals in collaboration with integrated design teams. He aims to draw up overall concepts that can count on high appreciation and a long life.


INBO since

Chair BNA Circle Amsterdam
2014 – 2017

Delft University of Technology, Architecture


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