At INBO, we create buildings that people will grow to love. As architects, we seduce. We create engagement and enthusiasm for a new building in an existing context. We do this by embodying the wishes of the people who use our buildings. And those of our clients.

Faculty of Social Sciences, Nijmegen. Photography: Ronald Tilleman

At the same time, our profession is exciting and grand. Buildings sometimes survive for up to 100 years. Our designs are cultural artefacts that have great impact on people and the planet. They are someone’s home, their views, our future. We’re responsible for making the least impactful choices.

That’s why we’re always talking to people: to show them that together, we can make something beautiful. Meticulously and starting from the question of what a place, neighbourhood, environment and users need. It helps that we don’t have a single signature: this offers us the freedom to be specific. The result is appropriate architecture. Architecture that leaves room for its residents and users.


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