Interior design

At INBO, we consider an interior to be successful if people can really live in the space. When students feel at home on their campuses and local residents feel welcome in their town halls. When colleagues meet in the workplace and find the quiet they need. People are always at the core of our designs.

City hall, Dronten. Photography: Roos Aldershoff

Every person is different, and so is every organizational culture. That’s why our team never makes decisions based on needs. Instead, we map wishes.

We make big issues compact, which helps us to understand complex processes and quickly get to the heart of the matter. Our broad experience helps us look beyond the disciplines. Because we work side by side with our clients, we also find solutions to their problems together. This is why there is no prototypical INBO interior. What we do have is a white sheet, an open mind and an appropriate answer.


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