At INBO, we call our architectural engineers creative engineers, because we do more than build models and produce drawings: we advise and coordinate integrally. We don’t stop until we get every last detail right.

Valley, design MVRDV. Photography: Ossip van Duivenbode

Curious and focused on people, we analyse sharply, bring stakeholders together and make complex tasks logical to ensure that buildings are super effective on completion and will still perform optimally 50 years from now.

Ours is a tactile profession: we make a piece of city and thus shape the public space. In every project, we do everything we can to make residents and users feel comfortable – we see this as our responsibility. We take this to heart, and it makes our work fun.

Our toolbox contains more than standard solutions. We prefer to come up with the ingredients needed to achieve the best end result, ourselves. For both architects and contractors. We speak both languages, uniting concept and execution in a result that meets everyone’s needs.

This works best when we’re involved in a project from the beginning. This allows us to get the most out of each building: from a clear construction to a manufacturable and affordable building. Creativity at its best.


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